Monday, July 27, 2009

Homemade cold porcelain cutter making

When we work with cold porcelain the all essential tools and cutter are always needed. But some times we are unable to get accurate cutter according to the project. I have faced this situation many times than got idea to make homemade cutters and its might be my invention. These are all homemade cutters.

I made it easy first we need Aluminium sheet or tin sheet (which is available in hardware shops) Scissor, pen, margin scale, steel bond. One thing is most important is the wooden block and hammer two size nails on the wooden block the nails will help to get shape and curves of cutter.

Step 1: draw a margin about one inch wide and cut it with scissor.

Step 2: again draw margin in between the stripe and make it double. Press it with any heavy object to get flatten and smooth stripe.

Step 3: make a diagram according to your choice then measure it with thick thread.

Step 4: cut the thread place on Aluminium stripe .

Step 5: mark according to the size of thread and increase half inch more. Apply steel bond at the ends of tin stripe (bond always join well when it dried completely) overlap and join both ends then the stripe will turn in ring shape.

Step 6: at the joining point push tin ring two times outside and make sure gap should be about half inch. It will be shape like a petal then grab the center again push outside with the help of nail. When leaf shape come up make cuts with scissor. This leaf cutter could be use from both sides.