Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cold porcelain Sweet peas

Cold porcelain Sweet peas.

Sweet peas are very fascinating blossoms for me, I have researched a lot about it that how can I make it close to nature, Finally created homemade veiner and cutters and observed details from pictures of it then created these sweet peas with cold porcelain. It has many colours like purple, pink, yellow, red and blue , but I adopted pink.

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  1. hey!!!!!!!! i am here again :-) i told you that i can never get enough of these. your crations are as wonderful as u are. god bless you:-)

  2. just too beautiful,
    i saw tutorial on your ning network its really very cool and informative,
    Rubina can u tell how did u make a veiner?it is a resin veiner?i made a veiner from real leaf on polymer clay but i want to make a resin veiner,can u kindly help me on this?

    JazakAllah Khair


  3. Rubina,
    you are a true artist!!! your work is beautiful!!

  4. Wow!!!!
    You make lovely things!
    Beautiful ,beautiful, beautiful!

  5. Love the sweet peas! They turned out gorgeous!

  6. Wow, your flowers look real! Beautiful!

  7. Wonderful! Rubina u r such a briliant artist. I always luved ur craft n wait 4 sOmthing creative work frOm you.
    May Allah bless YOU alwayz

  8. salam dost dil se khushi hoti hai jab ap ka 1 ke baad 1 karnama dekti hun ghar pe veiners MASHALLAH .zabardast kaam hai ap hamesha isi tarah kamyab rahen yeh is dost ki dua hai ap k liye.

  9. Thank you all of you for appreciating and encouraging me.

  10. wow.. your blog is wonderful.. I'm glad I found you.. I love your craft ideas.. :)

  11. wow! Rubina, wonderfully crafted flowers. They look so real. Your choice is good. Pink looks better than blue. Hats off! very nice blog with a floral welcome. Happy to follow you

  12. Making old porcelain flowers is one of the most beautiful crafts (or better said arts)...and at the same time is one of the few that watching I say "I wouldn't be able to do such things..." I was mesmerized with cold porcelain art since the very first time I saw it and honestly I think that you people who do this are one of the most talented crafters... Love your work and all your flowers! :) Keep on the good work! :)

  13. Bonjour,

    Vraiment c'est une merveille ce bouquet,
    j'aime beaucoup, Masha'a Allah, vous avez des doigts de fée !