Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cold porcelain homemade veiners tutorial

Necessity is the Mother of Invention "I have been involved in cold porcelain since long time, Its required some essential tools but , some times it is impossible to have accurate veiner according to your project. Than I have invented these veiners with the help of cold porcelain.

These are some steps to make homemade veiner.

Step 1: First roll cold porcelain paste up to half inch and cut oval shape with knife tool. Than wait until a thin crust appears on its surface and do not feel any stickiness.

Step 2: Take knife tool, make a deep line in center.

Step 3: Make curve lines from center to end.
Step 4:Than make random, curve, closed and deep lines but do not over lap them, Make each line prominent.
These are some of my homemade veiners.
Hints and tips
1. Always spread cold cream before using these veiners.
2.Wrap off with damp clothe after using.
3. Store in box and protect from moisture


  1. Excellent tutorial,thanks for sharing.

  2. Your blog and tutorials are very nice.. I am also from pakistan and It feels so wonderful to find a pakistani blogger. Really nice to meet you! :)

  3. Your work is feast for the eyes. Its beautiful. One day i am going to sit down and try these with your help ofcourse.

  4. Thank you so much for lovely comment

  5. Such beautiful work! The tutorial is very good, you have the eye for depth.

  6. Thank you so much for encouraging me

  7. wow what a skill you have Masha Allah!
    i wanted to thank you for following my blog its an honor for me that an experienced and skilled person like you thought of my blog worthy for following i am following you back as i can learn so much from you .lots of good wishes :)

  8. Thank you so much for compliment, I really impressed by your work and had share your blog with my Facebook friends, They also admired your work.

  9. how r u Rubina :) i am hosting a beaded wrist band give away and i very much want you to participate

  10. Hi Rubina,
    Just learnt a new art . The step by step instructions was educative and easy to understand.